Posters, Image Editing, Retouch, Design & Photo Restoration:
Photography by John Edwin Burgess

GCDA2014-11x17poster-v4f_X7-cc-web-clip2.tif Poster-11x-raster-txt-v2b.jpg H-Keller-Poster1s_25_CR_v1e_web-promo_window.tif Rec-Dreams-v5-800x.jpg Mistics2_Cover-v2-500x.jpg
 GCDA 2014 11x17 poster
 CD release 11x17 poster  Hellen Keller Dance Poster  Recurring Dreams poster  Mistics 2_CD Cover
Mistics2_CD-tray-cardr-v2b-600x.jpg post-card-color1-600x-v5-glz-tx.jpg Musical_Chaos-1000x.jpg SS1-web-header-c.jpg DVD-Comp-cover-wrap-2b.jpg
 Mistics 2_CD tray back card
 5x7 promotional post card  Musical_Chaos - processed images  Small Streams 1 - 11x17 poster  Small Streams 1 - DVD jacket
Small-Streams2-Poster-v7L_web-clip.tif 0011-rain-pane2mx-frame.jpg BB-Award-0207-proc-v3-768x.jpg CWC-06b.jpg King-Vibes-shadow-90-500x.jpg
 Small Streams 2 -11x17 poster
 Processed Widowpane Photo   Photographed Award  Photo Collage  Photo Paste Up FX
recording-bar2.jpg Mic-Lens_800x-v1.jpg Mics-0007_sm.jpg think-outside-tank--fish-0021_ed6b.jpg VictD-0139r-light-color-crackle.jpg
 Technology Collage   Microphone Editorial  Mic Collection  Business 5x7 post card  Processed Photo of
Cast Iron Fire Place Cover
GCDA-11x17poster-v2b_preview.jpg Hubert-DVD--cover-wrap-v1c.jpg Hubert_Disc_v1b-sample.jpg    
GCDA-11x17 poster Hubert DVD jacket Hubert_DVD Disc    

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