About the Photographer and Design:
Photography by John Burgess


Inside the Shutter and Layout:

Photography and design are the elements while art and impact are the very definition of success.  John's photographic and image services are utilized in advertising and promotion, fine art prints, "the 8x10 glossy"... posters, dance, theater, CD & DVD packaging, business needs, creative artistic venues - and always growing in creative scope!

Your existing photos and art work can also be utilized from prints, negatives, digital or original art work - and converted for web or fresh new looking prints. Scratches, dirt, digital grain and flaws can often be removed in the digital realm for both recent and historic art work and photos!  These restoration services and many design services are available in-house!

Utilizing a combination of in-house and outside sources almost any goal can be attained at the highest of quality - from source photography to design, digital editing/paste up, web creation and print.  John Burgess Photography can be a "One Stop" option for many projects - as coordination with professionals in many disciplines can be managed with quality in mind.  These services are available to businesses, agencies, arts organizations, and individuals such as actors, models and performers.

John has provided services for many organizations ranging from print and web adversising, published articles, promotions, posters... to framed fine arts prints, displays for performing arts organizations, model & performer portfolios and business image solutions.  

"With an ever deeper understanding of technology, you are freed of it during the creative process... it becomes a background process - almost a reflex - like walking or breathing." John has also been known, on occasion, to rise before the sun, frequent a spot of nature for the purpose of waking up ducks, stubbing his toe and wading through the  mud... to yet witness the magic of a sunrise lifting on a rake of light through the nights sleepy fog... whilst dreaming up the phrase, "Moments have an essence to share forever...."



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Photography by John Burgess
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