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Early Spring Sunset - Little Miami River, Ohio

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"It's impossible to pick a favorite--which, when you're photographing nature, is as it should be. You definitely have an artist's eye--and the technical expertise to bring the beauty back to us."- Dr. Nancy Spence on The Creative Side of Winter photos - Dr. Spence is author of  Life Medicine: Wisdom for Extraordinary Living and developer of the Ikigai workshops and program 

"I had forgotten how beautiful the “Recurring Dreams” shots were... It was hard to pick which one of the shots.  I loved so many of them.…"- Ka-Ron Brown Lehman, University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (Adjunct Instructor for Dance Major); Cincinnati  Ballet Academy (Faculty); Choreographer

"The photos arrived today. They are fabulous. Thank you for your eye and your timing. I look forward to working with you again."
  - Judith Mikita, Choreographer - CHAOS QUELL, Contemporary Dance Theater - Faculty, University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, Dance Division and Independent Choreographer

"Some fabulous shots of atb.... how do we get to see the photos, all of them for All that Breathes!.... I love the preview sheet .......beautiful. There are some photos of L'bediki N'shome that I did not ever see.  I will have to order them.
 - Fanchon Shur, Choreographer - ALL THAT BREATHES & L'BEDIKI N'SHOME,    Contemporary Dance Theater -  Director, Owner, Growth in Motion, Inc

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